“Ilya Isaakovich and Margarita Prokofyevna” (May 13, 2012) (EDITED VERSION)

(An edited illustration of Isaac Babel’s second story in Red Cavalry, “Ilya Isaakovich and Margarita Prokofyevna”….the full illustration is much larger and includes much more detail, but it contains content not suited for those under 18, so I won’t be putting it up…sorry.)

page 8: Margarita, yawning a little, unhurriedly took off her clothes, squinting, squeezed out a pimple on her shoulder and began to plait her thin hair for the night.

“Ilya Isaakovich and Margarita Prokofyevna” (May 12, 2012) (EDITED VERSION)– Sam Kleb

-Pencil, Charcoal, Marker/Graphic Pen

QOL: human, beauty


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